The 4th International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications (ICDA-4) will take place in Valencia, at the Polytechnic City of Innovation of the UniversitatPolitècnica de València on 16-20 October 2023. Several institutions and international organizations will be co-sponsoring ICDA-4. Besides the Conference sessions, tutorial and refresher courses will be organized. We feel confident that you will enjoy ICDA-4, which will be also a wonderful opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones, and that the conference will be a memorable event.

Call for Abstracts: here

Download abstracts template: here

Abstracts should be written in English (1 A4 page maximum), and include the:

Names of the authors, their affiliations and complete address
E-mail of the «corresponding author»

The body of the abstract must obey the following specifications:

Be written in Times New Roman style, font size 11 pt
Have a maximum 2000 characters (including spaces) and
Single space between lines

In the abstract body text, the following information should be provided:


Abstracts should be submitted by 9th July 2023, as a MS Word file sent to the email: and include in subject: ABSTRACT + name.

In the submission electronic mail message must be specified the: conference topic (please visit «conference topics») preferred format for the presentation (oral communication or poster).

The number of abstracts for each registration is limited to TWO abstracts.

Your contributions to ICDA-4 are most welcome.

A selection of papers will be published as Conference Proceedings in the journal Radiation Physics and Chemistry (Elsevier). Radiation Physics and Chemistry is a full international journal, with an IF of 2.858 (2022). All submissions for publication should meet the scientific criteria consonant with the journal standards and will be fully reviewed. It is not uncommon that 50% of submissions will require significant revision as per the normal process and that a large fraction of the remainder may be rejected.

No abstracts will be published. Only full journal articles will be published and they must meet the normal standards of RPC review processes.